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Billy's Story

Mentor | Simon Hwang
Internship | Pangu Capital (Finance Track)
High School | Loomis Chaffee (U.S.)
Where is he now? | Dartmouth College (U.S.)
Read from Billy's reflection:

"My experience earlier in the week exemplified the importance of loving oneʼs profession, of being truly excited to wake up in the morning and go to work. I could not have envisioned a better mentor from whom to learn this vital lesson, and much more about the industry, than Simon Hwang."

"I am most inspired by the sheer bravery that [Simon] exhibited in pursuing a significant change in his career."

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Rhaime's Story

Mentor | Simon Hwang
Internship | Pangu Capital (Finance Track)
High School | Phillips Academy Andover (U.S.)
Where is she now? | Brown University (U.S.)

"During the 9 Paths Program, I took the opportunity to reflect upon myself and brainstorm how I can channel my passions and potential as a means of actively envisioning my future."

"My internship experience with Mr. Simon Hwang has helped me understand the diversity within finance through his wide and varied experience and the interrelationship between different companies and industries. Looking into the future, I hope to further investigate how I can connect and apply my interests in finance and doing good to reach my utopia – one initiative, one project, and one person at a time."

Read from Rhaime's reflection:

Cameron's Story

Mentor | Erwin Huang
Internship | WebOrganic (Social Enterprise Track)
High School | Phillips Academy Andover (U.S.)
Where is he now? | Carnegie Mellon University (U.S.)
Read from Cameron's reflection:

"The near failure of this venture showed me that technology failures happen in the corporate world, and that knowing how to deal with them is crucial for success."

"That was the point I decided that I would be proactive and prepare for every eventuality, so as not to have another similar close call."

More about Cameron's internship:

Joyce's Story

Mentor | Erwin Huang
Internship | WebOrganic (Social Enterprise Track)
High School | Sherborne Girls (U.K.)
Hear from Joyce:
WebOrganic's feedback:

Alan's Story

Mentor | Frankie Tam
Internship | Fifth Wisdom Technology (Mobile Gaming Track)
High School | Hong Kong International School, Choate Rosemary Hall (U.S.)
Read from Alan's reflection:
Interview from Alan's internship:

"I could express myself through code. Games grew from the initial motivation to the driving force in my studies."

"I had a driving force in the form of my desire to express my thoughts through games. In growing up, I have considered other options and I have claimed many things to be my 'passion'."

Cheryl and Christy's Story

Mentor | Pong Nan
Internship | East Asia Music (Music Track)
High School | Cheltenham Ladies' College (U.K.), Chinese International School
Where are they now? | Berklee College of Music, Brown University (U.S.)
Check out interviews from their internship:

Sabrina's Story

Mentor | Ada Wong
Internship | Maud Frizon (Fashion & Retail Track)
High School |  Chinese International School
Where is she now? | Cornell University (U.S.)
Interviews with Sabrina and Ada:

Yuri's Story

Mentor | Fred Lee
Internship | Lee & Chow Solicitors (Law)
High School |  Loomis Chaffee (U.S.)
Read from Yuri's reflection:
Yuri with his mentor:

"The first day, I was trusted into the heat of their practice, witnessing two bankruptcy extension hearings, and the signing of a loan contract between two individuals...I later got to look at the tens of thousands of documents used as evidence for the massive criminal lawsuit they had coming up."

"It was a wonderful experience, and it only reaffirmed the notions I had regarding law, and endorsed the love I have for its practice.

Hugo's Story

Mentor | Kevin Kwong
Internship | The Aria Group (Investing/Start Up)
High School |  Chinese International School
Read from Hugo's reflection:

"Kevin opened up our eyes to the world of finance and introduced us to one of the many parts of financial investments, research. He taught us how to analyze income statements, create a comp sheet, understand the risks and returns of a company, do comparisons to competitors and many many more techniques."

"Although the entire project was very challenging and tiring, I am extremely grateful to receive the opportunity to research on a company and own this entire project. After creating countless graphs and tables, not only am I now very comfortable in talking about my company, I can also proudly say I know the process of researching and analyzing a stock. This internship was very rewarding and allowed me to experience a part of the finance world."

His parent's observation:

"Hugo had an excellent experience with Kevin. We discuss every night over dinner table what he has learnt and he asks a lot of interesting questions. This experience is eye-opening for him. He has grown from this experience not only in product knowledge but in maturity level as well. We are very grateful for this opportunity.

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