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Leadership In Action provides an authentic, hands-on experience for students to develop practical skills, chart their own course of action, and realize their potential under the guidance of professionals. We have designed this program such that students can be involved in an active process that applies equally to individual development as to social action. We believe most people learn best when they are having fun, enjoying themselves and getting involved! This program aims to do exactly that. 


Drawing from our own educational and work experiences, we have designed this program to teach practical skills we wish we were taught at this age. The tools and concepts taught in this program can be applied in a myriad of real life situations and will be useful long after this summer. These transferrable skills will help students face the challenges of being a leader at school and in the community, and should equip them with the confidence in yourself and your abilities that is so highly sought after by top schools and the world beyond them.

Being in a position of leadership is an opportunity to give, to contribute, to roll-up one’s sleeves in order to move forward in a positive direction. Whether it is sending emails, creating a presentation, helping a classmate out, or setting up chairs and presentation equipment, the leader is the person who does: not for his or her own personal advancement but for the benefit of the group, the project, and the ultimate cause that all are working for.

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