- Words from NGO Sponsor -

   ''This summer course really unleashed the potential and leadership skills of students. As a social entrepreneur and guest speaker, I was greatly inspired by the creative ideas suggested by the students. Those ideas will be inplemented in my social business in the future for sure! :)''

Herman Chan Ho-Man

Founder & Executive director of Eldpathy

- Voices From Past Students - 

   "At first, I struggled with the concept of leadership, but in this course, with guidance, I was able to practice and refine my leadership skills. The unique and fun program enlightened me about the truth of leadership, and exposed me to the real world, where problems and obstacles arise, where a leader is vital to tackle these. The program equipped me with dexterity and confidence, allowing me to further challenge myself, and to successfully attain House Captain and Student Council positions.

    I recommend this program to everyone, as everyone will definitely have something to take away with them. That something might just be the game changer."


   "Through the program, I've demonstrated leadership by showing confidence and speaking up on my ideas. I also discovered I could show and use my time management, debate, presentation, and teamwork skills. My favorite parts of the program were the games, debate, and field trips."


    "Through Leadership in Action, I learned that leadership is when someone takes responsibility, respects others, and most importantly, tries to make the world a better place."​

ASHLEY, G9, Harrows International School

  "Leadership is when a person is able to take charge, be responsible and be able to help themselves or others do the right thing. During the course of the program, the definition of leadership has changed because I used to think that leadership was just about controlling." 

KATHY, G8, Singapore International School

   "Before I started this course, I thought I was a born leader - so what was there needed to be learned? Then I took this course over the summer and I instantly realised there was much more to being a leader than just persuading people to get work done. I had to organise myself as well as others into getting something finished before a tight deadline, I found new ways of expressing my creativity, and above all, I learned to have more empathy for others.

    These points have become especially valuable to me as I help organise more events for my school...I strongly advise anyone to take it, because whether they are a good leader or not, they will surely learn something worth knowing in later life."


   "Prior to joining Leadership in Action, I thought leadership was all about taking turns to lead. However, I've come to realize leadership is about being a good teammate, being confident, and respectful. Through the program, I become more confident in my public speaking and presentation skills. I also learned the importance of cooperation and teamwork." 


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