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Leadership in Action is a 2-week summer leadership program designed for middle school students (Grades 5-8). This program provides an authentic and hands-on experience for students to build social awareness, acquire practical skills, and secure a foundation in ethics, morals and principles under the guidance of professionals. Our objective is to engage students in an active process that applies as equally to individual development as to social action. 


We believe most people learn best when they are having fun, enjoying themselves and getting involved! This program aims to do exactly that.

What our past students say...

   ...the unique and fun program enlightened me about the truth of leadership, and exposed me to the real world, where problems and obstacles arise, where a leader is vital to tackle these. The program equipped me with dexterity and confidence, allowing me to further challenge myself, and to successfully attain House Captain and Student Council positions.

    I recommend this program to everyone, as everyone will definitely have something to take away with them...

  Leadership in Action is a 2-week summer leadership program that encourages and inspires middle school students (Grades 5-8) to investigate leadership concepts under the six pillars of character development (Courage, Respect, Responsibility, Communication, Perseverance, Citizenship), engage higher-order skills, and demonstrate leadership in action through a service project. 

- What Leadership in Action Offers -


Students expand their horizons and perspectives through hearing from inspiring speakers representing a wide range of industries. As they go on a variety of field trips and collaborate with students from different backgrounds, students learn to adapt, form an open-minded attitude, and develop a global mindset. 


We hope to instill in our students the right values, principles and attitudes that are required to tackle challenging situations faced in school and in life. By the end of the program, students become more confident and competent so  that they can navigate school and life with better judgement and decision-making ability. 


Through case studies, role-playing, games and activities, students learn and practice essential leadership skills and techniques that could be applied in real life scenarios. Students learn how to manage time, maximize memory, present, negotiate and debate, become a better team player, make better decisions, handle peer pressure and more. 

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Ivy League facilitator mentoring students about key leadership skills