- YLOT Alumni, Where Are They Now? - 

We are excited to share that all our past graduates since 2011 are now pursuing their degrees in university locally or abroad. Outside of school, most of them are continuing to pursue their interests and aspirations which were deepened during their time with us at YLOT. We wish them every success in their college years and beyond.

Success Stories

Rachel Wong (Grade 12, West Island School) cited her YLOT program experience in her college applications, and has been accepted into HKUST’s prestigious Global Business Program! Rachel was also offered an internship with Dialogue in Silence after the program concluded.

    Click below to read her essay.

    Click  to see an excerpt from his article.

Billy Holloway (2014) – Dartmouth College

Alston Choo (2014)– New York University

Harriett Chiu (2013) – MIT

Avinash Sujanani (2013) – Oxford University

Cameron Wong (2013) – Carnegie Mellon University

Carine Ha (2012) – Cambridge University

Jacob Schapero(2012) – London School of Economics & Political Science

Gillian Lee (2012) – Imperial College London

Nina Mueller (2012) – Pomona College

Max Luo (2012) – Tufts University

Samantha Kim (2012) – Barnard College

Paul Burlage (2012) – Boston College

Jeffrey Fung (2012) – Cornell University

Darren Yuen (2012) – University of California, San Diego

Andrew Li (2011) – Brown University; University of Hong Kong MBBS

Hubert Au (2011) – Oxford University

Shirley Yuen (2011) – Chicago University

Sheenie Chan (2011) – Chicago University

Kiran Aida (2011) - Columbia University

Harold Li (2011) – Princeton University

Justin Yau (2011) – Rice University

Hayley Kwan (2011) – Imperial College London

Lily Ma (2011) – Hong Kong University

May Lee (2011) – Hong Kong University

Nathan Ma (2011) – Lancaster University

Kimberly Yeoh (2011) – University College London (UCL)

Natalie Chyi (2011) – University College London (UCL)

Annie Chan (2011) – University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA)

Jun Yen Leung (2011) – University of Southern California (USC)

Alissa Ng (2011) – Chinese University

Phoebe Chan (2011) – Chinese University

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