- Voices From Past Students - 

    "YLOT is definitely an eye-opening experience in the sense that it has provided a perfect platform for us to let our ideas flow and meet people from different backgrounds. For those who want to know more about themselves and to be better as a person, this is definitely the first step to success."


Form 5, Heep Yunn School

    "I found YLOT extremely interesting as well as helpful for me. It taught me good methods for interacting and dealing with other people, and it helped me better understand and develop my priorities and preferences concerning making decisions about my future life, especially with applying to colleges."


 Grade 10, HKIS

    "To me, this leadership program not only allowed me to work with others in the most low-risk and respectful manner possible, but also gave me an opportunity to reflect who I am as a person…the numerous guest speakers convinced me that there are different forms of leadership, and that I should find the skills, techniques and strengths that best suit my form of leadership. I would recommend this program to anyone, even those who feel that they are not a leader..."


 Grade 12,

Phillips Exeter Academy (U.S.), 

Princeton University bound

- Voices From Partners & Professionals - 

  "This summer course has all the elements that students get excited about — inspirational speakers, a simulation about a crucial contemporary issue affecting the lives of millions, and authentic project work with Hong Kong NGOs. Led by... Ivy League senior and junior facilitators, this program promises to strengthen student skills while engaging them with issues that really matter.”


HKIS, Humanities Teacher

    "It was a pleasure to partner with the Young Leaders of Tomorrow at The Open Classroom on a Table For Two project. The students created an informative and professional presentation that helped us to gain valuable insight as to how we can better engage with youth and teach them about the global food imbalance. Their global awareness and maturity were impressive and we are thankful to have been included in your program!”


Co-Founder, Table for Two

    "The proposal prepared by Chillies about how to enhance and to run Dialogue in Silence Hong Kong towards local secondary school was a high quality one — in terms of the idea, execution to presentation. We highly recommend this program to others and it was our pleasure to be included in your program. We have implemented some of the ideas from Chillies in our education program, positive feedback were received from schools. Well done!”


CEO, Dialogue in Silence

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